One Week at a Time

After the first day of my second treatment regimen, I was kind of expecting a restful boring few weeks ahead. I was not able to be left alone, drive, or take care of my kids independently so it made sense to expect someone to be here and be able to take it easy. I was also kind of itching to do things and so it was a difficult balance. It was a quest to get back to normal and feel productive, but also take it very easy. No problem, right?

My first priority was to get into the hemotologist that I had seen for years for my prior Pulmonary Embolisms (PEs). You know the one, the one I had been thinking of calling the entire summer when I was having those crazy symptoms that turned out to be the SVC Syndrome. Yup that and follow up with my primary care doctor because someone mentioned it might be a good idea to get my cholesterol checked. And one for the ultrasound of the cyst they had found. Once those appointments were made, it was a lot of catch up on paperwork, thank you notes, and getting set up for the new (school) year. I had my appointment with the surgeon to discuss surgical options. I know it seems like forever and that must have happened in the midst of everything else, but with all the times I spoke to her, we had not met to really discuss her recommendations once all the initial facts were found and tests were done.

At the end of the week, I was able to get to That Little Girl’s very first soccer game! We thought it was just nerves when she did not want to go to the game when the time came. It had been a long couple weeks for everyone so a little anxiety about a new team, kids, and activity combined with a tired girl, it just seemed reasonable. So off to the game we went. It was a very hot day. That Little Girl was doing pretty good when we got there, but by the end of the hour, she was dragging. My parents offered to take her and That Baby to their house so That Guy and I could go run a few errands more easily and efficiently and she could rest. When they got back to their house, they took her temperature and found out it was very high. And she was very lethargic. So we got to their house ASAP and called the on-call pediatrician. We took her home and she and I went to our respective rooms to keep our distance. My parents came up to help That Guy out since I was still pretty useless and to get everyone dinner, bath, and bed.

The next morning, That Guy had to take both the girls to the doctor, and yes he had to leave me alone to do so. That Little Girl was diagnosed with a hand, foot, mouth virus. Her throat was really sore at this point, and full of sores, but her hands and feet were okay and luckily remained that way until the virus passed. Never a dull moment!

To start the week, I had my first Taxol only infusion. By the middle of this next week, That Guy and my mom were also both sick. And I was back at the hospital following up due to my returning (or continuing) SVC syndrome symptoms. And as they like to say, “Because I’m me…”, they did a CT scan to confirm that there was not an issue. And since That Guy and my mom were both sick and unable to be here that required having That Guys parents help out with the kids at the house and my dad take time off from work to drive me to the appointment. The appointment that proceeded straight to the diagnostic test and took the entire rest of the day. Remember that resting and relaxing? Not so much, see?

Since the test showed that there was not anything to be concerned about, I was free to go home. And by that time it was the weekend again. Now That Little Girl thought that the soccer made her sick, so it was a tough sell to get her back out there. Once we got her there, she was fine. And believe it or not, by the time the next week started, I was starting week 3 of my second group of drugs.


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