Starting Line

Since I am recapping my journey along this path of diagnosis during pregnancy and breast cancer treatments, please find the posts in chronological order below. This might be helpful if you are new or just looking for a specific part of the story

Pregnancy and Diagnosis

Where Should I Begin? / What Happened Next / Path and Personality

A Week to Remember / Buy A Hair / Final Countdown to That Baby

Birth Story and That Baby’s early days

Let’s Go Have a Baby! – Part 1 / Let’s Go Have a Baby! – Part 2 / Her First Day

Hold your baby, Hold your breath / That Morning / One Last Hoop

Chemotherapy – A/C

Chemo-versary Date / Cycle One Week One / The First Two Weeks Between

Take Two / Third Time Was Not Such a Charm / Wrapping up with AC

Detour – SVC Syndrome

Danger Danger / Error in My Favor / All Puffed Up

So Many Questions / De-Porting / Outta There

Chemotherapy – T/P/H

Back on Track / One Week At a Time

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