About Me

Me on PathI am a mother, a wife, a planner, and a list maker.

I am terrible at making decisions.

I wear cardigans more often than not.

I am also always That Girl.

That Girl who has the crazy things happen. That Girl who does the crazy things.

And when you’re That Girl, life is never boring.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant in my thirties. So now, I am That Girl who fought for That Guy, My Girls, and my life.

And I am still making to do lists, because I am That Girl. And I have a lot of things to do.


  1. What a great way to document your own
    personal experience and give insight and
    inspire other families who have shared or
    will share what you are going through.

    There is no better gift of love than that of
    sharing … 😎


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