What We Tried – More Blue Apron

Sadly, I do not have additional free weeks of food to giveaway as I did in my first Blue Apron post; however, I did want to share a few more details of the meals we have gotten when we ordered an additional couple of weeks when life was busy and we knew we would turn to some unhealthy and equally expensive (if not more so) alternatives if left to our choices come meal time. [Read more…]

What We Tried – Blue Apron

Since Christmas, we have been spicing it up a bit with our dinners. A friend had been using Blue Apron and was nice enough to gift us a week of meals that she had been offered through her own subscription. Seriously, they won us over and our one week subscription turned into three. Then it was back to two again because of the snow storm in the northeast. But mostly, the timing was perfect. Post Christmas blahs, busy getting back into the routine, and the routine changing based on the stage of my treatment we were in. We were really in a rut and this helped us to resist the urge to break the blahs with take out. [Read more…]

What We Tried – Christmas Cookies

I mentioned a bit ago that going into Christmas, I would be trying a couple new Christmas cookie recipes. We did and both were great! I just wish I had taken some pictures for you all. [Read more…]

Gifts to Start a Resolution

In addition to the nail polishes I mentioned here, I was recently gifted a few kitchen appliances to help me in my quest to resist the tempting sweets I love in the traditional processed form, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, I need to stop eating or at least limit sugary dairy treats. Chai Lattes and Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato got me through some tough nauseous feeling terrible days, but if I am going to have them even sparingly in the future, I need to find another way to make them and find alternatives to fix my cravings. We also are cooking at home more and more for health, money, and so many other reasons. We are doing so in a way that makes life easier, like having leftovers, so having more storage options was on my list of wishes! And for good measure, a few yoga accessories were on my list, as well. While I hesitate to call these efforts resolutions, instead of permanent ongoing lifestyle changes, well, I kind of like the revolution resolution connection! [Read more…]