Bookshelf – Radical Remission So Far

One of the book’s I’ve been trying to get through is Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Dr. Kelly Turner. While I would like to think the odds are, well, “ever in my favor” to borrow from another good read, I have really enjoyed looking beyond the chemotherapy and radiation to survivor’s stories of radical remission. Dr. Turner sort of defines a Radical Remission as when someone heals cancer against all odds.

This has been another read that I certainly have to be in the right frame of mind to read through. I purchased the book electronically using a gift card I was gifted by a friend, so I am able to read it occasionally when I have a few minutes on my phone or the iPad depending where and when that may happen. I’m still getting into accepting the electronic book thing! Dr. Turner provides 9 key factors that she found common among nearly all the Radical Remission survivors she studied.

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Gifts to Start a Resolution

In addition to the nail polishes I mentioned here, I was recently gifted a few kitchen appliances to help me in my quest to resist the tempting sweets I love in the traditional processed form, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, I need to stop eating or at least limit sugary dairy treats. Chai Lattes and Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato got me through some tough nauseous feeling terrible days, but if I am going to have them even sparingly in the future, I need to find another way to make them and find alternatives to fix my cravings. We also are cooking at home more and more for health, money, and so many other reasons. We are doing so in a way that makes life easier, like having leftovers, so having more storage options was on my list of wishes! And for good measure, a few yoga accessories were on my list, as well. While I hesitate to call these efforts resolutions, instead of permanent ongoing lifestyle changes, well, I kind of like the revolution resolution connection! [Read more…]