Apparently it is National Cancer Survivors Day. I don’t remember knowing there was such a day before. 

This right here is why I smile knowing it’s been three years since diagnosis and I’m still here. I’m not just here, but trying to make the most of every little moment. Not quite to thriving yet, but I’m getting back there. I caught this candid moment. That Guy carrying both My Girls down a path during a mini photo session we did recently with a local photographer. Who am I kidding? These are my loves, but they are daddy’s girls all the way!

Tonight, on one of the last nights of being two years old, That Baby had me sing and rock her as she settled to sleep. She had me hold her like a baby. She moved my hands and arms until she was as snug in my arms as she could be at this age. It was not a moment of cancer survival. It was a moment of normal beautiful motherhood after an unusually difficult bedtime. It’s why I needed to be here. It’s why I’m lucky to be one who continues to be a survivor. 

Speed Bump

I knew I would eventually have that moment or reason that would bring me back here to share with anyone who might still be reading. I have wanted to get back here and finish the story, but I certainly was not ready to add to the story. Not that I don’t worry about it everyday. Everywhere I go I hear about someone having their cancer come back, someone passing away from cancer, or a new diagnosis. I hear about a woman who could easily be me with two girls the same age but when she was diagnosed she was already very ill and she isn’t doing well. I’m reminded to be grateful. I try to stay focused on the positive. Let’s be honest, why wouldn’t I wonder if mine will come back or how I got to be so lucky to be healthy here and now?

Then I found a bump. And I told no one. At. All.

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Two Years

So as I mark two years since my cancer diagnosis, unlike last year, we really don’t have any plans. I’m not sure how that happened.

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If you are new here, just coming over from Lacuna Loft, hello again! I am excited to share my story with you and hope to provide some been there, done that type support with a touch of self deprecating humor. Thanks for clicking over and finding out more about me. To keep up to date,  please follow […]

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End of Chemo Year

Hey there! Remember when I was telling the story about my treatment? Me too! I was just getting to part of the story about the end of my chemotherapy infusions when I got a little distracted, had computer difficulties, got busy, went on vacation, got through the holidays, and, well, now this post is actually […]

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Not so Serious Side Effect – Too Much Reality (Television)

I have covered quite a few of the really serious side effects that I experienced. Now comes one that is a little harder to admit to having experienced. The funny thing is, I know I am not the only one who has had a similar issue! I won’t out that person, but I will tell you […]

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What We Tried – Kiwi Crate

For Christmas, That Little Girl received a voucher for Kiwi Crate. For anyone who isn’t familiar, because I know I was not, Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service. We sign up, they send her a box of activities designed for children 4-8 years old. After a bit of an issue redeeming our gift voucher, […]

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Another Reason to Celebrate

So I told you I’ve been feeling pretty awful the last few days. Well, if I weren’t, I would be doing a little celebrating! Can you believe THIS original post was a year ago! I copied the original below to make it easier to read.

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Still Aching

So while I don’t publish posts “live” very often, for a bunch of reasons, I do try to keep the follow up and information on the same timeline as real life. Just maybe a few days later. Somedays I write them as it is happening and then let it sit. Then I come back and check […]

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Achey Breaky Shots

Long story short, late last winter as things wound down, the question of long term treatment options really started to get going. My medical oncologist really wasn’t strongly opinionated on one option over the others, and I went for a “second opinion” even after he consulted with his team and another treatment facility. The decision was […]

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