Take Two

Prior to each chemotherapy treatment during this cycle, I had to have my bloodwork done so it was ready for review at my oncologist appointment and I could be cleared to receive treatment. Now that we had gone through one cycle and weeks that followed and we had some time to gather more information as we had more answers, I went into that oncologist appointment with quite the list of questions. Keeping a notebook and a running list between appointments became my thing. A trademark if you will. I love it. I’m not so sure the doctors feel the same way, but I think they are understanding that it is just how I have to deal with things.

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Let’s Go Have a Baby! – Part 2

So here we are, seven hours after arriving at the hospital and I’m exactly where I started. I was a little discouraged.

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Final Countdown to That Baby

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Now that we had an induction date and a wig picked out, we spent the weekend preparing for That Baby girl to arrive. Friends near and far had sent us things to let us know that they were thinking of us! We had a weekend with a fresh flower delivery, a fruit arrangement, food to stock our freezer, and cupcakes!

Peony delivery from a friend across the country!

Peony delivery from a friend across the country!

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A Week to Remember

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Once we left the surgeon’s office, it felt like the longest week ever began. Yet somehow with a holiday, in reality it was a short week just packed full of constantly changing information, appointments for both the baby and I, meeting new doctors, seeing my current doctors, and trying so hard to get an understanding of options available. Oh and just go about our daily business as best we could. My husband and I came out on the other side emotionally and physically exhausted, yet I know I was unable to sleep. [Read more…]

Path and Personality

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So what does one do when waiting? You go on, but barely. You get your kid dressed. You get dressed. You try to eat so that your baby grows. You go to work. You hug your husband. You hug your daughter. You cry when people ask what is going on. No one believes it is going to be bad. They all think you are exaggerating and dramatic. No one can understand how they can be so sure without results. But you saw the faces. You will never forget those faces. You hide so that you don’t have to tell anyone. [Read more…]

What happened next

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On Monday morning, the clock was too slow to make it to eight. Finally, I could call. I was lucky to get in the very next day. During the test, I just knew. I cried. I cried alone as the tech did what she needed to do. It felt like forever. And I just kept crying. My husband was sitting in the waiting room for me. After she finished, she didn’t have me get dressed, just told me to go into another room and my husband would be there. “Someone will be in”, she said. [Read more…]

Where should I begin?

At thirty-mumble years old and more than 7 months pregnant, I had an ache. It was strange. I was laying on my side in bed. The sensation was concerning, but really, who thought it wouldn’t be a milk-duct developing. [Read more…]