What We Tried – Kiwi Crate

For Christmas, That Little Girl received a voucher for Kiwi Crate. For anyone who isn’t familiar, because I know I was not, Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service. We sign up, they send her a box of activities designed for children 4-8 years old. After a bit of an issue redeeming our gift voucher, I had to sign up and pay for a month and then apply it to my account. I am willing to bet that was a That Girl issue and not a Kiwi Crate issue. They happily applied my credit to my account after the fact, even though it would not work for me. So the customer service was great, but as with any company during the holiday rush, it was not an immediate response. I just signed up and chose when I wanted the deliveries to begin.

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My Cheesy Valentine Recap

That Guy and I have a long history of botched Valentine’s Days. For real. Food poisoning, the flu (both stomach and typical in different years), and even a breakup to give a brief highlight reel. So saying that we don’t really make a deal out of it anymore is an understatement. We have actually intentionally celebrated on March 14th to avoid the crazy in the past and try to switch it up. This year I went in with no expectations and actually enjoyed the day quite a bit! [Read more…]

What We Tried – Blue Apron

Since Christmas, we have been spicing it up a bit with our dinners. A friend had been using Blue Apron and was nice enough to gift us a week of meals that she had been offered through her own subscription. Seriously, they won us over and our one week subscription turned into three. Then it was back to two again because of the snow storm in the northeast. But mostly, the timing was perfect. Post Christmas blahs, busy getting back into the routine, and the routine changing based on the stage of my treatment we were in. We were really in a rut and this helped us to resist the urge to break the blahs with take out. [Read more…]

All Puffed Up

So here we are, day two in the hospital, after a sleepless night and quite a day that led us here. That Guy was with me, my dad still hadn’t seen me so he came up at some point that morning. The doctors came around doing rounds. When I awoke, my arms and hands were even puffier than before! It seemed like this day brought even more questions than answers, which was very frustrating.

I was still very out of it. Some might say I always am, so just imagine how I was even worse. I was not allowed to eat solid food we found out and was not allowed to eat anything until after my IR check that day. Someone had allowed me to have dinner the night before, whoops! And that kind of sums up how everything went that day.

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Happy New Year, Butter-cup!

So back when we were younger, a friend said to me, “Drink Up, Buttercup!” somewhere in the midst of twenty-first birthday festivities. Turns out, that phrase lends itself to many situations. I have often thought to myself over the past year, “Suck it up, Buttercup”. I have told That Little Girl, “Let’s Pick Up, Buttercup!” So whatever your New Year’s plans, I hope you have a safe and happy night ahead of you!

So, Buttercups, I was lucky enough to receive three new Butter Nail Lacquers between Christmas gifts and gift cards. The other three I had bought and mentioned previously, well, I couldn’t quite hold out long enough for them to make it into my stocking. Here are the three newbies. I am definitely expanding beyond neutrals!


The lacquers shown are (from left to right) The Black Knight, Gobsmacked, and Slapper.

Pictured with my Erin Condren Jester theme Life Planner behind them. [Read more…]

Ring That Bell!

DSC_0495So I just can’t wait to catch up to the present day to write this post! I received so much support on the Facebook page about this that I just had to do this now!

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The First Two Weeks Between

My particular experience for this chemotherapy protocol gave me two weeks “off” to rest up and have somewhat of a normal life in between treatment weeks. That is not what they are intended for, but after the first treatment, I was feeling fairly normal for these weeks after the first week. That would change as the summer went on. That is not to say I didn’t spend a significant amount of time during these weeks at the doctor’s office or dealing with cancer related things in addition to having a newborn. It just means, I didn’t spend them feeling entirely terrible all day long everyday and laying around the house unable to do much of anything trying to keep my food down.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a hard year for our little family. I really feel like saying so does a disservice to That Baby’s birth and I truly hate that we all feel that way. Some day she will understand why 2014 is not going to be a year that goes down as one of the best for this family. She was truly the best thing that happened to us this year. So for that reason alone, it is important to focus on all that I have to be thankful for this year.


Box of Sunshine!

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All Things Pink and Gratitude

So I’ve been debating addressing, commenting on, or just ignoring the Pink-tober hoopla. I mean, pink has always been a favorite color of mine. But we all know that is not what I’m talking about. For whatever reason, this hasn’t been the easiest emotional month for me. September was a rough month for me physically, having spent time in the hospital which was immediately followed by a large portion of my family and help team being sick, so it could be an emotional “hangover” from all that went along with the month that needed to just end. Then my completely loving amazing supportive mom brought me a breast cancer gift bag with absolutely no ill intention, and I figured it out.

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Final Countdown to That Baby

See how we got here buy a hair or start at the beginning.

Now that we had an induction date and a wig picked out, we spent the weekend preparing for That Baby girl to arrive. Friends near and far had sent us things to let us know that they were thinking of us! We had a weekend with a fresh flower delivery, a fruit arrangement, food to stock our freezer, and cupcakes!

Peony delivery from a friend across the country!

Peony delivery from a friend across the country!

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