A Couple of Firsts

Fall Field Trip


Given our family’s current circumstances, every “first” I experience with my girls is even more special. This past week, That Guy and I were able to go with That Little Girl on her first field trip. It was a quick morning at a farm picking pumpkins after a hay ride, but it was special and exciting for her and us. We went just the three of us, which was also important. With all the changes That Little Girl has seen in the last few months, some one on one time is always a big deal for her and is something we are conscious to make time to do. Just doing this quick morning required some rescheduling of doctor appointments and even though it wasn’t a strenuous activity, I was tired by the time it was all over, only to go to treatment after.

This afternoon, my mom and I were just talking silly to That Baby, but nothing we haven’t done before. She made a strange gurgley noise, and I made it back at her. Today, it made her give a real deep belly laugh. I got to be there for the first giggle a while ago and again for this deep laugh today. She just kept doing it each time I made the noise. Admittedly, I haven’t felt great this week. I’ve been more tired and more down than usual. Hearing her deep real laugh was all that mattered.

I know these firsts are a big deal to every parent, but each one is a little different to me now. I just hope I can be there for their children’s firsts, too.



  1. OF course u will be there for those later firsts! Keep ur head up girl, no matter how hard it may be! Love u!


    • Eye on the prize(s) all the way! Listened to an older gentlemen at treatment talk about how sick he has been and how if it weren’t for his family he would quit. A good perspective smack in the face this morning.



  1. […] this time we were well into Autumn and it was time for pumpkin picking, That Little Girl’s first field trip, Trick or Treat, and a Halloween parade. Two of those are some of my favorite family traditions so […]


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