Sometimes It Is The Little Things

This could also be called, Sometimes It Is The Really Superficial Unimportant Things. Potato, Potahtoh. Either way, a few things that have been making me feel a little more like myself lately are worth noting. [Read more…]

Mama Needs a New Bag

With my surgery coming up, there are a few lifestyle type changes I plan to make. Part of the surgery includes removal of lymph nodes.  As a whole, it puts me at risk for lymphedema as a side effect. I am pretty certain no one wants lymphedema. At my pre-surgery appointment, they took measurements of the fluid in my body again. The first measurement was when I was still pregnant when we met with the surgeon before we even knew the pathology of my cancer. After surgery, I will be measured again from what I understand and Physical Therapy has taken physical circumference measurements of my arms.

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Cycle One Week One

The day after my first A-C chemo treatment, Day 2, I woke up feeling fairly normal. This was as expected I think. I was careful not to kiss my family on the lips. I was using my own bathroom. I was drinking plenty of water. I was careful to take the prescribed medications exactly how and when they were prescribed to avoid side effects.

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Wacky Wednesday – Who Does Your Hair?

Since this blog sat on my to do list for a while as I was busy living this life and journey, I’ve started out writing about the past. Most of it is pretty ugly. Breast Cancer isn’t really very funny. Parenthood, however, I will admit can be really really funny. And I do try to laugh at myself as often as possible. When you combine That Girl, That Guy, and My Girls, you get a pretty Wacky life. When I was a child, probably when I was learning to read, one of my favorite books was “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss. Since we constantly talk about how wacky my oldest is, my Wednesday posts will be sharing what I think are pretty Wacky stories, quotes, and silliness from our lives. Enjoy!

So it is not a secret to those closest to me that I enjoy a good shopping trip. Over the years, I generally shop the same places and have become friendly with long time employees there. Like most expectant and then new moms, I wasn’t out shopping much during that time. About one month after my treatments started, I decided to ditch what had passed for casual office attire for some more comfortable stay-at-home mom type clothes now and again when running here and there. So out I went to find some that were a little bit more presentable than what others might mistake for pajamas. I also decided to get over my fear of having to try on clothes in public with a wig on.

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