Then Everything Went to Crap

(I just couldn’t resist some potty humor. I apologize!)

When I last posted about my experience going through treatment for breast cancer, I hinted that my stomach was starting to be an issue. As I said, we were going into a lot of celebratory events and I was pretty much in a pattern of knowing when I needed to be, shall we say, close to home.

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Slightly Less Than Smooth Sailing

About half way through the Taxol, Perjeta, and Herceptin routine, things started to go slightly less than smoothly. I had some issues with my stomach, a rash, and I was getting more tired each time. Unlike the first set of drugs, these were hitting me each and every week with no time to bounce back. Good for getting the job done I suppose, but not so good for rest and relaxation. And to top it off, we were heading into the holidays. Overall, though, not too bad compared to what I hear from other patients’ experiences.

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My Cheesy Valentine Recap

That Guy and I have a long history of botched Valentine’s Days. For real. Food poisoning, the flu (both stomach and typical in different years), and even a breakup to give a brief highlight reel. So saying that we don’t really make a deal out of it anymore is an understatement. We have actually intentionally celebrated on March 14th to avoid the crazy in the past and try to switch it up. This year I went in with no expectations and actually enjoyed the day quite a bit! [Read more…]

How Superstitious are You?

Today is another Friday the 13th. Last time I can remember a Friday the 13th making an impression in my memory is when I had my port placed. We all know how that turned out!

So, as of right now, I do not have any plans for any big appointments or events. I think it might be a good day to lay low going into a holiday weekend. For all of you out there wondering what That Little Girl thinks of President’s Day, she misheard me the first time we talked about it and asked what she was getting for Presents Day.

I can’t say I worry about black cats, breaking mirrors, or walking under ladders. I don’t go out of my way to do any of that either! I check to see if any suspected black cats in my path have any patches of white just for peace of mind. At Christmas time I did buy an extra piece of chocolate when the total was six dollars and sixty-six cents. When the woman gave me the total I was like, oh no, I need to buy another thing. She said to me, I usually tell people when that is their total, but you didn’t look like you would be concerned. What exactly do I look like then? And what does someone who does care look like? Apparently she has given this some thought and I’m curious now.

Do you worry about Friday the 13th when it comes around?

Gifts to Start a Resolution

In addition to the nail polishes I mentioned here, I was recently gifted a few kitchen appliances to help me in my quest to resist the tempting sweets I love in the traditional processed form, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, I need to stop eating or at least limit sugary dairy treats. Chai Lattes and Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato got me through some tough nauseous feeling terrible days, but if I am going to have them even sparingly in the future, I need to find another way to make them and find alternatives to fix my cravings. We also are cooking at home more and more for health, money, and so many other reasons. We are doing so in a way that makes life easier, like having leftovers, so having more storage options was on my list of wishes! And for good measure, a few yoga accessories were on my list, as well. While I hesitate to call these efforts resolutions, instead of permanent ongoing lifestyle changes, well, I kind of like the revolution resolution connection! [Read more…]

All These Holiday Firsts and Traditions

It has been a fairly busy few weeks in our house, as I am sure it has been in yours! In the midst of all the holiday related magical kid moments, and some less than magical tantrums, we are still having those every day baby firsts and preschooler big moments. Since I am coming out of the chemotherapy treatment fog, I am feeling a bit better and closer to myself (with the exception of my memory!) and it could not be better timing!


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What Everyone Wants to Know

People keep asking how I am doing right now. I’m hanging in there. I know that sounds silly and non-commital. Probably because it is. I have good days. I have bad days. I have sad days. I have tired days. Like any mom, there are hard days with the kids. Then there are really awesome days where everything just goes easy. Well, maybe not everything goes easy in one single day.

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Celebrate Good Times

There is nothing like some time out with girlfriends. Nothing. And I am lucky enough to have some really great girlfriends who live close enough and were able find time to meet to spend a few hours Christmas shopping and having dinner with me. The excuse was to celebrate the end of chemotherapy and my belated birthday. It was seriously the most excitement I have had in a year. You know, a year ago when nearly the same group spent an entire day together. I might make them do it all again after radiation, if they are willing! Yes, let’s pencil that in, ladies.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a hard year for our little family. I really feel like saying so does a disservice to That Baby’s birth and I truly hate that we all feel that way. Some day she will understand why 2014 is not going to be a year that goes down as one of the best for this family. She was truly the best thing that happened to us this year. So for that reason alone, it is important to focus on all that I have to be thankful for this year.


Box of Sunshine!

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