My Cheesy Valentine Recap

That Guy and I have a long history of botched Valentine’s Days. For real. Food poisoning, the flu (both stomach and typical in different years), and even a breakup to give a brief highlight reel. So saying that we don’t really make a deal out of it anymore is an understatement. We have actually intentionally celebrated on March 14th to avoid the crazy in the past and try to switch it up. This year I went in with no expectations and actually enjoyed the day quite a bit!Our weekend started out like most of our planned celebrations for the day. When they called to confirm our reservations they happened to throw in that there was single option for a prix fixe menu for a price rather out of our planned range. When I asked what was included, it was not even an option either of us would enjoy for any price, so I cancelled our reservations. The day before our planned date. And then I was not quite sure what the new plan would be. And then afternoon turned to evening, kids kept us busy, we had other things to do, and I called it a night and went to bed. It was late that evening until That Guy finally took the reins and decided we would go to our old reliable Thai date night restaurant. They did have a special menu, but it was optional. I was able to get my favorite dish and That Guy tried something new. We both shared a couple new appetizers. All around perfection and we can go to the other place on March 14th maybe and just get what we want. And after dinner we ran a few errands and it was nice to just have a few minutes to be us.

A few days before Valentine’s Day my “love” Alex and Ani bracelet broke. I mean, it seemed like par for the course considering the holiday’s history I have already described. Since we would be near where I purchased it to run the errands, I took it along when we went to dinner. They were able to replace it for me! I was not sure if they would, but the way it broke really seemed like a design issue. The new one is a little bit different in that area so perhaps they realized the weakness? Not sure, but while we were there, That Guy surprised me by asking if I wanted to pick another bracelet out. He took my so by surprise I really couldn’t decide and left it up to him. He actually picked out a facet cut beaded bracelet that I had liked last spring. Since we don’t usually do gifts for this holiday, it was a nice surprise! I went the really romantic route and bought That Guy a new pair of tarn outdoor ski socks.


That Little Girl had requested we spend the actual day showing our love for each other. How could we not when she asked for something so cute? That morning, she bounded into our room and requested heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes! Of course, That Guy provided. She had dreams of That Guy buying each of his girls a ginormous bouquet, but That Guy wasn’t going that far out of the box. We took her out for lunch at her place of choice. I had planned to make Valentine’s with her, but we never did get to that. We did get each the girls a few books and a card. On Valentine’s night we made a heart shaped pizza. That Little Girl and That Guy rolled out the dough when I found out I didn’t know what the heck to do once we bought actual pizza shop dough to make it! In the end, it was delicious and we all decided that we would have to learn how to make our own dough! Another move in the right direction for our diets as long as we eat it sparingly. In the middle of dinner I grabbed a couple of flowers from friends and put them on the table to please That Little Girl.

So call it a Hallmark made up holiday. I can’t argue that! But for some reason this year That Guy and I had a great cheesy weekend celebrating the love our family has for each other.

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