Wacky Wednesday – Christmas in July?

Breast Cancer isn’t really very funny. Parenthood, however, I will admit can be really really funny. And I do try to laugh at myself as often as possible. When you combine That Girl, That Guy, and My Girls, you get a pretty Wacky life. When I was a child, probably when I was learning to read, one of my favorite books was “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss. Since we constantly talk about how wacky That Little Girl is, my Wednesday posts will be sharing what I think are pretty Wacky stories, quotes, and silliness from our lives. Enjoy!

We are not a family that really decorates the exterior of our house for holidays. I love decorating inside for Christmas, but we have never done the lights or anything all over the trees and roofline. Candles in the windows is a big thing in our area and we do that. No plastic or blow up decorations in the grass at our house. I’m not a grinch though. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite evenings of the year is when we all pile in my parent’s car and go look at lights.
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How Superstitious are You?

Today is another Friday the 13th. Last time I can remember a Friday the 13th making an impression in my memory is when I had my port placed. We all know how that turned out!

So, as of right now, I do not have any plans for any big appointments or events. I think it might be a good day to lay low going into a holiday weekend. For all of you out there wondering what That Little Girl thinks of President’s Day, she misheard me the first time we talked about it and asked what she was getting for Presents Day.

I can’t say I worry about black cats, breaking mirrors, or walking under ladders. I don’t go out of my way to do any of that either! I check to see if any suspected black cats in my path have any patches of white just for peace of mind. At Christmas time I did buy an extra piece of chocolate when the total was six dollars and sixty-six cents. When the woman gave me the total I was like, oh no, I need to buy another thing. She said to me, I usually tell people when that is their total, but you didn’t look like you would be concerned. What exactly do I look like then? And what does someone who does care look like? Apparently she has given this some thought and I’m curious now.

Do you worry about Friday the 13th when it comes around?

What We Tried – Christmas Cookies

I mentioned a bit ago that going into Christmas, I would be trying a couple new Christmas cookie recipes. We did and both were great! I just wish I had taken some pictures for you all. [Read more…]

All These Holiday Firsts and Traditions

It has been a fairly busy few weeks in our house, as I am sure it has been in yours! In the midst of all the holiday related magical kid moments, and some less than magical tantrums, we are still having those every day baby firsts and preschooler big moments. Since I am coming out of the chemotherapy treatment fog, I am feeling a bit better and closer to myself (with the exception of my memory!) and it could not be better timing!


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What Everyone Wants to Know

People keep asking how I am doing right now. I’m hanging in there. I know that sounds silly and non-commital. Probably because it is. I have good days. I have bad days. I have sad days. I have tired days. Like any mom, there are hard days with the kids. Then there are really awesome days where everything just goes easy. Well, maybe not everything goes easy in one single day.

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