What cOMfort zone?

You may have seen me tweet recently that I was headed to a mediation class. I have not been able to find one that focuses on curing or a disease type healing meditation. There is a local studio that offered a free meditation class, so I had nothing to lose. I asked a friend to go with me, and off we went.

Of course, I got there and realized I had not brought my yoga mat. Of course. I had just had my lowest yet White Blood Cell counts. So, let’s just borrow a public mat right. Yup, good plan. I ain’t afraid of no germs. Oh wait, I’m terrified. Let’s just try to meditate them away? Does that work? Would I be able to let it all go and really get into the proper mental place now instead of just worrying I’m covered in all the colds and flu viruses that seem to be everywhere right now?

Oh yeah, I let it go! It was amazing. I do not know much about the different forms of meditation. From my understanding, this was a guided mediation as the instructor led us through the half hour. I felt my body react to just the thoughts and seeds planted. I will definitely be doing it again. It was very amusing to me the random thoughts that came to me during the time my mind was suppose to be at it’s quietest and most honest I would think. I had decided not to wear a wig and just a cap to be able to relax without worry about it being crooked or messy after laying on a mat. I remember thinking, laughing to myself, “I don’t have my wig on and I don’t care. Really. Who cares? Ooooohhhh, that’s why everyone gave me puppy dog eyes. Wow, I hadn’t even noticed I didn’t have it on. I am so growing as a person.” I also had this sense of peace feeling very healthy and well. And the big win was I was not the person in the class who fell asleep and snored or had a text message honk. I’m new and all, but I’m thinking that the beep beep was a no-no. And the one thing I did have a hard time embracing was the repetitive Om at the end.

So yes, I will be going to a meditation class again. I might really jump ten miles clear of my comfort zone and go alone. Also plan to add a gentle yoga soon!


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