The Other Girls in the Room

Picked up my new wig yesterday! So this is the scene in our bedroom now.


I was a bit concerned they might take That Guy by surprise so I made sure he knew they were now a pair and relocated. We’ve had some good laughs about his shock every time I wash the wig and leave it on the bathroom counter to dry. Inevitably he goes in over night and it takes him by surprise every single time. That Guy asked why “the twins” were always looking at him like that when he came in the room. Despite his concerns, we are both able to sleep. And really, who couldn’t with the twins looking out for us. Now if only they could help me get up this morning!


  1. […] wasn’t all misery, though. I was rocking my new wig! That Baby was starting to make Da-Da sounds. Everyone knows Mama is chopped […]


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