What We Tried – Christmas Cookies

I mentioned a bit ago that going into Christmas, I would be trying a couple new Christmas cookie recipes. We did and both were great! I just wish I had taken some pictures for you all.The first recipe we tried was the Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from Against All Grain. Now, I will admit, I LOVE chocolate chip cookies. Plus, my dad makes the best home-made chocolate chip cookies ever. I definitely owe these cookies a do-over now that I have a food processor. I did NOT follow the notes that Danielle Walker had included. I had saved the recipe into my paprika app and those notes did not make it in. The cookies we made used ghee, coconut palm sugar, honey, and so on as she lists in the ingredients. People outside of our house had the cookies and liked them as well. These will be a good option for us!

Another new cookie we tried were snickerdoodles. I used the 100 Days of Real Food Whole-Wheat Snickerdoodle recipe. These were a huge hit with That Little Girl! She helped make them with my dad. I was too tired by this point in the day and they had to do these or they would have waited until the next day and, well, we were running out of days before Christmas! The only thing we had to adapt with these was the sugar to roll the cookies in. We have not been buying regular sugar and ran out, so they used the palm coconut sugar from the cookies above. That made them taste more like brown sugar and I actually really liked it! I don’t know if any of us were snickerdoodle connoisseurs before this, but these were delicious. Another great option!

Do you have any new recipes you tried for holidays this year?


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