Mama Needs a New Bag

With my surgery coming up, there are a few lifestyle type changes I plan to make. Part of the surgery includes removal of lymph nodes.  As a whole, it puts me at risk for lymphedema as a side effect. I am pretty certain no one wants lymphedema. At my pre-surgery appointment, they took measurements of the fluid in my body again. The first measurement was when I was still pregnant when we met with the surgeon before we even knew the pathology of my cancer. After surgery, I will be measured again from what I understand and Physical Therapy has taken physical circumference measurements of my arms.

One of my questions, based on what I have learned thus far, was what can I do to prevent it from happening. There were three things I have been told to do to help prevent it in ways that require changing things I use or wear. They include

  • Changing to wire-free bras
  • Purchasing a sleeve for any future flights
  • Lightening the load in my purse/diaper bag and also using a cross body bag

The first item is a quick discussion. Sorry not talking about that search on the internet other than to say it has not been easy to find wireless bras I am happy with. The surgeon suggested “The Ahhhh Bra” and the “Genie Bra”. The one I have found is not either of those and was just at a local department store. The search continues on this one.

Over the summer, when I met with physical therapy, in addition to the information pamphlet, they gave me information on more fashionable sleeves than just the standard medical tan. There are all sorts of patterns available. The company the PT recommended, LympheDIVAs, was founded by two women who had had breast cancer and developed lymphedema. Since I am not going anywhere for a while, this one is on hold for the time being, but I will have to get something in the future.

This last one is the real toughie. I am a girl who likes a big bag. My diaper bag probably weighs more than my six month old when fully stocked for the day. And it sits right on my shoulder. So here’s where I’m asking for your help!

Do you have a cute crossbody diaper bag that is

  • Fashionable enough to double as a purse,
  • Doesn’t weigh a ton before you put anything in it (doesn’t have big metal hardware)
  • Clips onto a stroller
  • Actually big enough to hold diapers, wipes, changing pad, wallet, cell phone, change of clothes, toys, wallet, cell phone, and all those other things a mom needs

I have found a couple that I like so far, so if you have experience with these, please let me know!

Petunia Pickle Bottom – City Carryall

It appears to fit all my criteria, but it has a built in changing pad. I have not had a bag with a built in changing pad before the logisitics and germ factor does not thrill me. Should that be holding me back?

Petunia Pickle Bottom – Halifax Hobo

This one looks heavy! However, it does not have the attached changing pad and fits all of the other requirements. The cost is up there though. So we keep looking….

Timi & Leslie – Charlie

'Charlie' Diaper Bag

Another option that seems to fit almost all the needs. They describe the extra strap as an adjustable shoulder strap, but it is not clear if it can be worn messenger style.

Storksak – Olivia

So far this bag seems to have most everything except come in plain black. Dare I commit to a color?


In addition to these few purchases, I will need to make every effort to be sure to keep my arm on the side where the lymph nodes are removed free of injury and infection. I will need to avoid having my blood pressure or blood taken on that side. Taking away an entire arm for having blood taken is a huge concern for me at this point since I am without a port and a tough stick! If you are going through a situation that causes you to be at risk for lymphedema, be sure to get professional information for all the ways they recommend you prevent any complications.

So which diaper bag do I choose? Or do you have another option that you love? Coming down to the wire, so all help is appreciated!


  1. I love my pottery barn kids diaper bag! I use it messenger style all the time. Plenty of space!


  2. By the way that Charlie bag is just beautiful!


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