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During the week to remember, I had to start sharing with those at work who needed to know sooner than later. I was lucky enough to have some flexibility to work from home to field phone calls from my medical team and get my work done and hours in while I could around all the appointments. I started taking steps to wrap things up and making lists of what needed to be done for me to take some time off. I sat in on a monthly meeting to present information to leadership and there was the normal pre-maternity leave joking about how quickly the mom would be back. There were sympathetic looks from those who had heard the entire story through the grapevine that exists in offices. Since it was common knowledge I had been high risk throughout the pregnancy, no one beyond that really questioned why I might be going out so early. I spent what seemed like forever trying to figure out short term disability and how that would work with two different causes. Eventually, I realized that was for them to figure out. They did. Again, I found that people are caring and naturally well meaning.

Saturday morning I did what everyone said should be next on my list. I called the local hair replacement shop to see about a wig. Apparently, they are as busy as they are well known in the area. Somehow after telling the nice woman what seemed like my life story when she asked why I needed a wig, she offered to stay after her last appointment to help me. I sent a quick text, as any girl would, to my closest local girlfriends and my mom asking them who might be able to make it. I figured this would be strange enough, might as well try to make it bonding time with those who love me. One friend seemed in disbelief that I would be losing my hair. I reassured them it was a 100% chance given the drugs I was going to be given according to the doctors. My mom responded that she could make it work to go along and my aunt asked if she could join us. Off we went to see what my new look might be for the next few months.

In my day to day with my own hair, I have medium brown hair with some natural blonde highlights. I can be fickle, and I change the color fairly often going dark in the winter and highlighting in the spring and summer. I like to keep it longer and generally have it pulled back out of my face for working at a computer, playing with the kids, and being around the house. So yes, pretty much all the time, unless there is a meeting or date night. Somehow, I do my hair every day, but it just ends up back in a ponytail, bun, or clip.

So, naturally, I wanted to try to find something that kept the long locks look I was use to. From what I understand, synthetic wigs are the easier and more affordable option. The other options are natural human hair, either your own or pre-made. I did briefly entertain the idea of a natural human hair piece. I put it on my head and it felt like hair, just not my own. I kept wondering who’s hair it was when I would try this type on. I had a Sex and the City moment like Carrie with the wedding gown, saying, “Just get it off of me” without the panic attack when my mind wandered into the zone of who’s hair would be on my head through this part of my life. My mom and aunt encouraged me to consider using my own hair. The lead time and the cost were much greater and in the long run, this would be temporary. I decided, for me, it was not what was really needed. The synthetic hair was easy to wash, but it was also pre-styled and left little options for pulling it out of my face. A long wig would wear much worse over time in the synthetic styles, it was explained. “Like Barbie hair after my four year old has gotten a hold of it?” I asked. “Exactly but not quite so dramatic,” she explained.

Someday, I may share the ridiculous photos from that afternoon. It felt a bit like a movie montage from the 80’s as I tried on some just for the fun of it. Long platinum blonde layers. A short dark cut with bangs. Obviously The Rachel, or the 2014 version of it anyway. A longer bob angled toward my face.

I wasn’t sure what cut and color to go with that very day. My brain was still absorbing the entire situation and picking out the wig was just another decision I had to make. She asked me to call that week. I still couldn’t decide. There was a baby coming. There were bigger things to do. Things normal expectant moms get to do. Not to mention, it is kind of a weird call to make from a cubicle in a room people call the fish bowl. Eventually, I made the call. She ordered two colors of the angled bob and allowed me to pick once when they arrived.



  1. Can’t wait to see the pics!



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