Yes, I needed a haircut

So you read all about how I chose my wig and how my daughter told people about it, but that all happened so long ago that I had to get a wig cut already. For the last month or so I had noticed that combing out my wig, it was getting a bit rough. Like when your hair gets a bit long and the ends are just rough and damaged and need to be trimmed. I was getting a little too close to Barbie frizz territory and I decided to call the woman who sold me the wig to schedule a trim. When I told my mom I had called to schedule a haircut, well, she did a double take, “Wait, what?” reaction.

When we got there, we discussed what my issue was and she agreed. Basically the angles around my face were damaged but the rest was fine. She said she could angle it up around me face instead of down around. This was a win/win for me because while it got rid of the damaged ends it also took the part that constantly was in my face and got it out of my eyes. Since I can’t pull back my hair like I would normally, I often pin it back cute on one side. So my wig got a bit of a new style.

Once we discussed the plan, she took it into another room, washed it, conditioned it, and trimmed it up for me. She also was able to dry it so I was able to wear it home. While she was in the other room taking care of all of that, I got to look around at the other styles. I’ve been missing my long hair. And last week I was in a bit of a funk. I went into the morning thinking that if I saw a longer style of straight hair there, I might purchase a second option. There was one natural style that was the perfect length and had a bit of wave to it that caught my eye. Most of the straight options were natural human hair, well, you know how I feel about that. Stranger hair on my head is enough to make me panic. I loved the natural hair styles available currently and the styles they showed, but even if I could get over the question of who’s hair it was, I wasn’t paying that much at this point and there is real maintenance involved. Like drying and styling. I kind of think I should take advantage of the wash and go since I can.

Quite a few of the synthetic longer styles, had long layers and were wispy and just had a lot going on. Then I spotted another medium length, but still long, beach wave style I was sure was another natural human hair wig. It looked soft. So I checked that one out and it was actually a synthetic option. It was the length I was looking for, just past the shoulders, but california girl blonde beach waves. The cap was really soft and is actually nicer than the option I have now. So I chose another color, similar to what I have now and placed an order. I did send photos and run it past my husband, who said if it would make me more comfortable, knowing I’ve been upset about my current wig looking frizzy. He was in favor of the blonde but I just could not do that.

I’m going to continue to wear my current shorter style and switch it up. I have quite a while until I anticipate having hair again. My current wig’s cap has gotten a bit rough, for whatever reason and doesn’t lay as nice and flat against my forehead at the edge so I’ve gotten a little self conscious on days I know it is noticeable. All truth be told, it actually is irritating my skin along my scalp line. It will be nice to have a fancy going out option and one to kind of wear around more every day. In the beginning I was kind of thinking how do people have more than one, since obviously then it is a wig if you hair changes dramatically day to day. Now I’m more on the who cares about that page. Kind of funny that at the same time I decided to switch up my faux style, I’ve also gotten more comfortable going out in a cap. And I’m definitely that girl who just takes off her wig in the car sometimes when we are headed home.

So there you go, wigs need trims, too. Who would have ever known! And instead of walking out with new do regret or sinking feeling when you aren’t sure if you really should have gotten that perm/bangs/pixie cut, I have to wait a week to see what my new do will even look like! In the meantime, That Little Girl again explained when something may occur as, “After (insert holiday) when Mommy is all better and her hair grows back. You know, she has a bulbed head?” Needless to say the school field trip got a little more awkward for my having attended. I can only imagine what having a second style to choose from will add to her repertoire.


  1. What a powerful journey… your storytelling is so compelling and inspiring. Sending love, light and good thoughts to you and your family.
    And, hey, would love to see those wig styles on you sometime.


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