Celebrate Good Times

There is nothing like some time out with girlfriends. Nothing. And I am lucky enough to have some really great girlfriends who live close enough and were able find time to meet to spend a few hours Christmas shopping and having dinner with me. The excuse was to celebrate the end of chemotherapy and my belated birthday. It was seriously the most excitement I have had in a year. You know, a year ago when nearly the same group spent an entire day together. I might make them do it all again after radiation, if they are willing! Yes, let’s pencil that in, ladies.

I still don’t have the energy level to do too much. This was basically pushing it to my limit. Silly me added to the length of the day by tacking Santa pictures on with the family since I would be there anyway. Did not factor in the nice weather and perfect timing and had just a enough time to do the hour plus wait to see the big guy and then meet my friends. The standing alone was more than enough for me. And I had to take some anti-nausea medication halfway through the day. Not to mention the fact that I requested a last minute restaurant change, because my appetite has not been great and my bloodwork reflected it. So after a discussion with my doctor on Friday and finding out my not eating was showing, not on my waistline, but in my blood levels, I requested a change. So protein was the order of the weekend. Soft foods in case the mouth sores that were starting came to fruition (so far so good). All that meant a change in dinner venue. That night the heating pad and I were snuggle buddies and my legs were achy today!

With all those things that could have taken away from the day, I did get a few odds and ends for Christmas. Most importantly my friends gifted me with some of their time. And their “teams” took care of kids. And we all got time to just be girlfriends. Every mama needs that, I don’t care what you have going on at home.

These are some of the same friends who spent time with me at chemo, made me dinners, and visited me in the hospital. I should have been celebrating my friends, instead of the other way around!

My favorite part, I laughed til I cried and was able to just feel normal. Goodness gracious, I needed that!



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