Happy New Year, Butter-cup!

So back when we were younger, a friend said to me, “Drink Up, Buttercup!” somewhere in the midst of twenty-first birthday festivities. Turns out, that phrase lends itself to many situations. I have often thought to myself over the past year, “Suck it up, Buttercup”. I have told That Little Girl, “Let’s Pick Up, Buttercup!” So whatever your New Year’s plans, I hope you have a safe and happy night ahead of you!

So, Buttercups, I was lucky enough to receive three new Butter Nail Lacquers between Christmas gifts and gift cards. The other three I had bought and mentioned previously, well, I couldn’t quite hold out long enough for them to make it into my stocking. Here are the three newbies. I am definitely expanding beyond neutrals!


The lacquers shown are (from left to right) The Black Knight, Gobsmacked, and Slapper.

Pictured with my Erin Condren Jester theme Life Planner behind them.

Can you guess which color That Little Girl chose for me? We have some nail painting party dates in the very near future!

I have a surgery that requires me to not wear nail polish so it will be interesting to see how my nails hold up for even a short time without anything on them. Right before Christmas, I did my nails with a single coat glitter polish over a single coat of a similar neutral polish in an effort to make the removal a bit easier and more gentle on my nails. At my pre-surgery appointment, my surgeon warned me that while she also has used Butter glitter polish (on her toes because surgery all the time) when she’s gone to nail salons, as with any brand’s glitter polish, they are quite difficult to remove. I didn’t have too much of a problem removing two coats of just glitter, but it was more difficult than a typical polish. Hoping my plan works and my nails are not too bad while they are left naked! See my thoughts on brittle nails during chemotherapy and why I switched my nail polish here.

As always, I have our whole family’s appointments and my list of to do’s in my planner and keep it by my side when I’m home and it goes with me to appointments! I mean, everything is in this book. It truly is a Life Planner for me. I make reminders to write down questions for appointments twice the week before each doctor appointment. I remind myself to pack my bag for appointments. Keep track of That Little Girl’s appointments and That Baby’s first milestones. Note what meals we are having and which nights are leftovers so that when someone asks if they can bring us dinner, I have a good answer or can rearrange based on when they are able. I have mentioned before keeping yourself organized while going through treatment really makes a difference, in my opinion. For me, this is a habit I have had for years. I am loving the theme I chose for this year’s planner and excited to start a new year! And can I tell you how excited I am for 2015! By the time you read this my surgery will be over and I will be home recovering and may even have a fresh coat of polish of my nails. Fresh starts all around!





  1. Thinking of you!! Hope your surgery went well!!!



  1. […] addition to the nail polishes I mentioned here, I was recently gifted a few kitchen appliances to help me in my quest to resist the tempting […]


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