Back on Track

I had lost a week and missed my first scheduled infusion of this second chemotherapy treatment group as a result of the SVC Syndrome and time in the hospital. Now that I was out, I was ready to get back to it. Even though I had just been discharged the day prior, I had to meet with my oncologist to be cleared for treatment. They gave me an appointment for very early that next morning, before his normal appointment times start. No rest for the weary since we all know you don’t actually get to rest in the hospital!

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Happy New Year, Butter-cup!

So back when we were younger, a friend said to me, “Drink Up, Buttercup!” somewhere in the midst of twenty-first birthday festivities. Turns out, that phrase lends itself to many situations. I have often thought to myself over the past year, “Suck it up, Buttercup”. I have told That Little Girl, “Let’s Pick Up, Buttercup!” So whatever your New Year’s plans, I hope you have a safe and happy night ahead of you!

So, Buttercups, I was lucky enough to receive three new Butter Nail Lacquers between Christmas gifts and gift cards. The other three I had bought and mentioned previously, well, I couldn’t quite hold out long enough for them to make it into my stocking. Here are the three newbies. I am definitely expanding beyond neutrals!


The lacquers shown are (from left to right) The Black Knight, Gobsmacked, and Slapper.

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