Halfway through Pinktober

Someone recently asked me, as part of my recovery and moving on, how often I think about being a cancer survivor now. I wryly answered, “It’s October. It’s everywhere. Any time I am on the internet, turn on the television, or go shopping I think about it.” I mean seriously, we are aware folks. Can we rename it education, perhaps?

Whoops, sidetracked already. Getting back to the main point, this is not the easiest month to move on with my life.

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All Things Pink and Gratitude

So I’ve been debating addressing, commenting on, or just ignoring the Pink-tober hoopla. I mean, pink has always been a favorite color of mine. But we all know that is not what I’m talking about. For whatever reason, this hasn’t been the easiest emotional month for me. September was a rough month for me physically, having spent time in the hospital which was immediately followed by a large portion of my family and help team being sick, so it could be an emotional “hangover” from all that went along with the month that needed to just end. Then my completely loving amazing supportive mom brought me a breast cancer gift bag with absolutely no ill intention, and I figured it out.

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