Let’s Go Have a Baby! – Part 2

So here we are, seven hours after arriving at the hospital and I’m exactly where I started. I was a little discouraged.

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Let’s Go Have a Baby! – Part 1

See why I was waiting to go to the hospital or start at the beginning.

After a few false starts, I was approved to go into the hospital to start the induction about 12 hours after originally planned. When I called, they said to give them a couple hours and then go in. We drove over to the hospital and when we approached the front desk for a badge for my husband, they came toward us with badge in hand. We giggled saying they probably thought I was actually in labor, because I was pretty big for 36 weeks and we must have looked in a hurry. By the time we arrived on the floor, a few people had gone into labor on their own and arrived ahead of us. We sat in the waiting room literally waiting for a room for about an hour. Still I know, that under normal circumstances I would not have been approved to go in. The schedule for my care was important to keep on track. With a weekend coming up I was concerned knowing that they do not typically admit you to our hospital to induce on the weekends.

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