Still Aching

So while I don’t publish posts “live” very often, for a bunch of reasons, I do try to keep the follow up and information on the same timeline as real life. Just maybe a few days later. Somedays I write them as it is happening and then let it sit. Then I come back and check it out and have That Guy give it a once over. It’s just how it works for me. The day after I had my last lupron shot, I wrote a little about what was going on. And it was published a couple days later. The fun did not end there.


I really truly thought my knock down in the bed days were over. If day one was the day I got the shot in the morning, the real aches started the evening of day 2. Day 3 was more of the same with complete exhaustion. Day 4 was real aches and pains, exhaustion, and a seriously awful headache. Day 5 was like a hangover of feeling off but the intense feelings were over. Day 6, good to go. Thank goodness I am able to work remotely and I am not back full time. My mom had availability to come watch That Baby on my non-work day. Such a lifesaver! That was on Day 4. I had to cancel everything after my very early morning physical therapy assessment session for my hip. I took the most unexpectedly long nap in a very long time and felt much better afterward.

Can’t say that I am looking forward to next month. This was the second one in a row that unexpectedly hit me hard. I will be anxiously awaiting the next one. If nothing else, it will be one more closer to the end of this part of my treatment.


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