Apparently it is National Cancer Survivors Day. I don’t remember knowing there was such a day before. 

This right here is why I smile knowing it’s been three years since diagnosis and I’m still here. I’m not just here, but trying to make the most of every little moment. Not quite to thriving yet, but I’m getting back there. I caught this candid moment. That Guy carrying both My Girls down a path during a mini photo session we did recently with a local photographer. Who am I kidding? These are my loves, but they are daddy’s girls all the way!

Tonight, on one of the last nights of being two years old, That Baby had me sing and rock her as she settled to sleep. She had me hold her like a baby. She moved my hands and arms until she was as snug in my arms as she could be at this age. It was not a moment of cancer survival. It was a moment of normal beautiful motherhood after an unusually difficult bedtime. It’s why I needed to be here. It’s why I’m lucky to be one who continues to be a survivor. 

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