Not so Serious Side Effect – Too Much Reality (Television)

I have covered quite a few of the really serious side effects that I experienced. Now comes one that is a little harder to admit to having experienced. The funny thing is, I know I am not the only one who has had a similar issue! I won’t out that person, but I will tell you about me. I will admit, that prior to being diagnosed, I would dabble in a little Kardashian viewing, and That Guy and I were pretty into Big Brother during the summer as a standing tv date. That was my end of reality television though. I did not understand any of the Real Housewives shows, and would out and out tease a friend who watched them and talked to me like I had any idea what in the hell she was talking about. I will admit to watching a marathon of Bethany’s married or having a baby show or something once when I had a stomach virus. I never got into American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, or The Bachelor(ette) series. I was the girl who volunteered to go save seats at the bar during the Survivor finale in college. So very much not my thing is what I am getting at here.

Well, that is so very far from the truth now. I won’t list the entire sad list of shows I enjoy, but let’s just say I am well versed in the RHOAE (Almost Everywhere). I catch the Kardashian drama when I am able. And then there are the spinoffs. SUR! Talk about guilty pleasure show. A steady rotation between E! and Bravo was a big part of my treatment. I wish I were joking. Actually, let’s be honest, I don’t.

These shows were my escape. They were so not my real life. And the lack of similarity to the life I live had nothing to do with going through cancer treatment. I did have a hard time some nights watching the ridiculous superficial consumption lifestyles when I was going through a fight for my life. I mean, obviously. More often though, I enjoyed not thinking about life or death. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful places the people traveled to, since I was stuck in the same place. I was able to turn off my brain and relax without the anxiety of my never ending thought process of what if’s.

And yes I do still watch many of the Real Housewives series to the point that my mom finally has her chance to tease me a bit!

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