What We Tried – More Blue Apron

Sadly, I do not have additional free weeks of food to giveaway as I did in my first Blue Apron post; however, I did want to share a few more details of the meals we have gotten when we ordered an additional couple of weeks when life was busy and we knew we would turn to some unhealthy and equally expensive (if not more so) alternatives if left to our choices come meal time.

Here is the box as it arrived and in various states of unpacking


The produce arrives above the ice packs and the fish/chicken arrive tightly packed between ice packs.  I take everything out and keep it together in one drawer of our refrigerator. Here are pictures of that drawer each of the two recent weeks we received shipments.



And the recipes it included each of the two weeks.



I did remember to take a photographs of the Crispy Catfish and Shrimp and Noodles recipes we tried

IMG_6722     And now we are back to our regularly scheduled dinner routine. I can’t say that any of these meals were such a hit that we would go out of our way to make them again on our own. Still a nice treat after a bunch of really overwhelming and busy weeks while we try to catch our breath.

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