Her First Day

As I mentioned before, we had not decided on a name prior to That Baby’s arrival. It seemed like forever until we could decide for sure.

(See Let’s Go Have a Baby! Parts 1 and 2)

In that time, my husband had called his parents to tell them that she was born and he gave them a name. I overheard and was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s not let the middle name out until we have decided for sure.” Eventually, we decided to use a family name as a middle name as we did with our first daughter to honor my grandfather’s mother. It was a name we had both liked for quite a while so it just seemed like the best choice with everything else going on in our family.

Since she was born four weeks early, there had been concerns about That Baby’s health. We were fortunate that her lungs were ready and she was able to eat on her own immediately. She did experience blood sugar problems initially. Overnight the first night she was taken to be checked in the nursery due to this problem. Since we were still in the labor and delivery unit, this required her to be further than just down the hall from us. My husband went with her, but since she had to stay for a couple hours, he did come back without her. It made me crazy! For the first day, we decided that I would nurse her and then pump. While I pumped, my husband would feed her a bottle of breast milk and/or formula to make sure she was getting enough. She also had to eat every two hours. The hospital pediatrician stopped by to check on her. The nurse was forever pricking her heel and trying to get blood. We were lucky to have That Guy’s sister stop by and check in on That Baby to make sure what was going on made sense. I was desperate to keep her out of the NICU and get her home with us and as this was going on, that was not a guarantee. I had several tests scheduled for the coming week.  It was important to me that we both be home and bonding and spending as much time together being mommy and daughter.

We were in a constant cycle of nursing, pumping, and bottles. In the midst of all of that, we were finally able to move to the mother and baby unit where the nursery is located. Since we never got to really sleep overnight, it seemed liked we were there until evening, however, it was really just lunchtime. It was nice to have a couple hours just myself, my husband, and baby. I was feeling pretty good considering I had just had a baby. My recovery was much easier than after our first. I was up and about and able to shower. That Guy’s parents came to meet That Baby. Later in the afternoon, my parents brought the Big Sister to visit.

Never have I ever seen a bigger smile! The instantaneous love could be felt coming off of That Little Girl and she could not get enough of “her” new baby. Even now, I think we are very lucky with how much she loves being a big sister and the protective instinct she has for her baby sister. From the very first day, there have been hugs and kisses and declarations of never ending love. I wish she was my big sister!

Overnight, That Baby’s blood sugar issues resolved. The next issue was her bilirubin levels and jaundice. This was also the day of our daughter’s graduation from one of her activities. My parents were going to take her while we went home and got settled in with That Baby. Before either of those things could happen, we had a very talented photographer friend come to take newborn pictures of our new family. Unfortunately, we had a rather overwhelmed and therefore uncooperative Big Sister come to the hospital that day. We only were able to get a few family shots, but the images of That Baby with myself and my husband are so special.

Since the jaundice was not a significant concern, it meant that we still went home less than 36 hours after baby was born. It does not seem possible looking back at it, but we were home by late morning. We felt like we were flying out the door, but off we went!


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