Wacky Wednesday – Will Wave for Candy

Since this blog sat on my to do list for a while as I was busy living this life and journey, I’ve started out writing about the past. Most of it is pretty ugly. Breast Cancer isn’t really very funny. Parenthood, however, I will admit can be really really funny. And I do try to laugh at myself as often as possible. When you combine That Girl, That Guy, and My Girls, you get a pretty Wacky life. When I was a child, probably when I was learning to read, one of my favorite books was “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss. Since we constantly talk about how wacky my oldest is, my Wednesday posts will be sharing what I think are pretty Wacky stories, quotes, and silliness from our lives. Enjoy!

The day before we attended our local Halloween parade, That Little Girl was talking about it and looking forward to it. It was a non-stop thought for her. I am not sure if she was more excited to get candy or dress up as her favorite princess. I may have lost the princess battle in this house, but I do fight the candy and junk food battle pretty well. We don’t allow her too much candy normally, so to her this is the mother lode of junk food for her. I am not sure how common it is to still throw candy from floats and as the participants walk by, but our town still allows it.

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