Full Circle Weekend

When I started this blog, I wanted to find a way to help others, put out there how appreciative I am of those who have been there and helped my family, and record the entire experience for my girls. I started writing when I was already a good bit into the treatments, but I still had a long way to go. We did not know how the chemotherapy was working, I hadn’t had surgery yet, and I still had radiation to do. And that was just the physical parts. In the past few days, I feel like I have had a lot of my original intention presented to me right under my nose.

My weekend started with one of my former nurse’s reaching out to me. She had a question for me that could help out a patient (if you are reading, hi! hope it helped!). I gave her the information and actually told her I had written about it. Apparently she didn’t know that I had a blog, but now she does. I gave her the link and the standard “please give it a quick once over. I’m never sure about passing it along to people actually going through treatment depending what state of mind they are in.” Apparently it passed the test and she gave the link. Hopefully reading was a help to her patient.

Another friend emailed to let me know that a family member had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She said she was glad she had been reading my blog and it helped her keep a positive outlook. I seriously cried when I read the email. And I will respond! I promise! I am so bad at email.

My weekend ended with the grand finale. Let me start by saying everyone is fine now. I happened to find out that the “angel at the front desk” at the Emergency Department in my hospital was working this afternoon. I had not seen her since I was in the ER last fall. Once I found out she was there, and since I wanted to visit the person there, I went over to see her. I went in to thank her for her quick and thorough handling of the situation. She was so happy to see me, you know, alive and well. Apparently, I am forever known as the girl who turned purple AND they still talk about me?! I also was able to tell her, “Ta-Da! This is the color I am!” Seriously. I did. Hands in the air and everything. Now if only I could locate one of the awesome residents and the great nurse from that day. Not that I plan on being in the Emergency Room anytime soon again.

How is that for a warm fuzzy weekend! Hoping to carry the calm and full heart I am feeling through the week!

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