Other Birthdays

I’m not sure what the normal protocol is for life threatening events and survival, but years ago I had blood clots in my lungs (pulmonary embolisms) and obviously I survived. From that date forward, my mom called it my second birthday. On my first second birthday, she even bought me a card and gifts. Maybe even balloons if I remember correctly?

So now my mom has declared my surgery date, my official cancer free day, as my third birthday. I guess it really is a new beginning of sorts, and I think maybe one I would enjoy celebrating a bit more? I’m happy to say that the day of my SVC Syndrome diagnosis has not been added to the birthday list! Quite a few dates to keep track of and each one so very emotional in it’s own way!

So does anyone know what the typical way to mark these dates is? Is it standard to call them birthdays? If you have gone through a health emergency that created a new birthday, what sort of emotions does it bring up for you?

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