Karma Saved Me?

One small part of the SVC Syndrome diagnosis and dramatic hospital story that I didn’t include in the original posts is a little detail that really should be unrelated; however, in my mind, it might be very much the reason I am able to blog and share this story with you. I debated, because in no way am I trying to sound like a hero or like I do some generous things or that it should be impressive. It’s really not the point. It just amazes me that something so little and not heroic, may have in some way changed my path. And the responding action that lifted my spirits.A few weeks prior to my admission into the hospital, I had come across a community cancer support group. I had not done anything to reach out to them other than Like them on Facebook, but all the same, I was keeping an eye on what sort of things they did. They had an event coming up that I was considering attending and I spent time looking into it, mentioned it to my mom and That Guy, and then followed the updates they were posting. At some point during the week, they posted a guess the quantity of these paper things in a jar type contest. Being as I felt terrible most of the time during these rough day, I was looking for all the fun and excitement I could get so I entered. Never thought anything of it beyond a challenge and curious how close I would get. Oh, I got close alright. I was off by a couple out of a few hundred.

I think I shared that the night before I passed out and was admitted to the hospital, I had taken That Little Girl out on my own, a very rare occurrence and possibly the first and only time since That Baby Girl was born. That night I got home and had been notified that I won. I was in shock. I never win anything let alone this type of thing. And it was a pretty legit win, not just only five people entered, since I was so close to the actual quantity. I corresponded with a person from the organization that night. I was not going to be able to attend the event they were having the next day, but she said she could mail me my prize. After talking it over with That Guy, I messaged her back that I would prefer she give it to someone who was having a difficult time at the event the next day. I explained I felt pretty fortunate in the scheme of things, especially since this was during the time I was seeing people in the infusion center who were not well physically and/or emotionally. If she could surprise someone and brighten their day and not spend the money the organization could better use on programs, it seemed like the best plan. She thought this was really amazing. I was thinking she was pretty amazing for thinking this was a big deal. And went to bed.

Then we all know what happened the next afternoon. And for the nine days that followed I was in the hospital. And then I got to come home.

When I got home, I went through the mail. I remember there being two packages. One was my planner, which we all know I love. The other was a small package from this organization. They had really appreciated my offer, but thought that even though I said I was doing well and did not need the extra pick me up, everyone does at times and they were sending it anyway.

Hmmmm, wondering if she had some sense that something happened and that is what made her decide not to pass it along to someone else. How great was it to come home and know someone was thinking of me when I had never met them. And could such a small action on my part, one that really was not a sacrifice or taking any time, money, energy, etc., have put some karma into the bank. I mean, I made a huge withdrawal the very next day!

The other day I was inspired by a friend posting about a “pay it forward” she had experienced. The next day I was feeling pretty good, had a really smooth radiation treatment, and stopped for some coffee on my way home and did the same. I hadn’t been thinking about it overnight or even that morning, but I was in the drive thru line, it was really slow, and the person behind me looked a bit frowny. I was thinking about how my day was going so well that even the slow line wasn’t bringing me down and looked back to see her face as I pulled up to pay and just did it. Then for a split second I’ll be honest I was kind of worried she was buying coffee for an office or something as I handed over my card. For the record, she was not. First time I have ever done it and it was kind of fun.

Have you ever done anything like this? Do you find it puts a little pep in your step? Do you believe in karma?

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