Wacky Wednesday – All in a Run

Breast Cancer isn’t really very funny. Parenthood, however, I will admit can be really really funny. And I do try to laugh at myself as often as possible. When you combine That Girl, That Guy, and My Girls, you get a pretty Wacky life. When I was a child, probably when I was learning to read, one of my favorite books was “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss. Since we constantly talk about how wacky my oldest is, some Wednesdays I will be sharing what I think are pretty Wacky stories, quotes, and silliness from our lives. Enjoy!

As part of my recovery and reclaiming my life, I have started exercising for myself and preparing for a long time goal of running a local 5k that supports local breast cancer programs. I have walked the event before, but I have never been fit enough to run. So I started preparing a few months ago. I never dreamed that it would be entertaining in addition to healthy time for myself, both mentally and physically. If you follow me, you may remember my post about seeing actual Christmas in July decorations out. That was just the tip of the crazy iceberg!

I’m generally running through the streets nearby our home. I get a little further out and about as the training has progressed, so a few new sites to see and I switch up my route now and then to keep it fresh. Once in a while I get to a park, but it seems silly to drive to get an easily accessible workout in like running, which is definitely part of the appeal for me!

There are a few sidewalks that I have found nearby that have nearly been uprooted entirely by tree roots. There are actual steps from one slab to another. At first, I just dealt with it. As time has gone on, I have decided to just get myself out into the street as appropriate where the sidewalks are so beat up. I really am respectful of the areas where there just isn’t quite enough room with parked cars and two way traffic and hop back up onto the walks as necessary.

One evening, I was in the clear without traffic headed to the corner. A car came across and started to pull to the side of the road. The side where I was running toward the car. I figured they were about to park so I slowed down then quickly hopped up into the grass and continued on the sidewalk. All the while I was thinking, holy crap she didn’t even slow down and that was kind of strange. Next thing I know she rolls down her window and yells as I pass by that she needs directions. Without thinking, I said, “Yeah, no. Sorry. Ask that guy SITTING OUT FRONT who isn’t running and nearly had a heart attack just now.” and continued on my way. I can give you countless examples of having said something without thinking recently when surprised by a question, but that is likely another post. I just really don’t think it is appropriate to nearly hit someone trying to ask for directions, pull up alongside me as I was already on the shoulder so plenty of room, just don’t steer toward me!

In the same stretch of my return run, when I was only a few weeks into my training, I was really hurting. I wasn’t ready to give up, though, and I was just pushing through. Next thing I knew, a spry young lady was on the other side of the street’s sidewalk and running all long legged and fast and like she had actual form not just the form I have which is one foot in front of another over and over. Yup, she made it up a few blocks and was on her way back before I even got to my next walk interval. NOT. inspiring.

And of course there are the people I pass who are just out walking a dog. I got a few blocks away from a rather busy intersection and a woman said, “Oh, I just saw you at (random intersection) as I was coming home. You go girl! You’re doing great.” That one I kind of liked. She commented about how fast I was going (or not going in reality) and I came back with, “Yeah, I’m trying.”  to which she responded, “Trying more than most people dear.” What a feisty new friend!

And then there are just those icky moments where you come across a sketchy person. I have done something to my hip/knee/leg area and can’t quite figure it out, but haven’t been running recently. I did give walking a try to see how it felt. Out on the walk, not really close to home, out of nowhere a young-ish guy pulled up on a bike. It was like a teenager’s BMX and he was too big for it, not like a serious cycling bike that might make sense. Anyway, I happened to have my phone in my hand at the time and apparently he was pretty observant, just forgetful. See, he forgot his phone, and forgot how to get to where he was going, but he knew his friend’s phone number if he could just borrow my phone. Again, with the quick response to an unexpected encounter, I came back with, “No thank you” and just kept walking and luckily he just went the other direction. As I walked away, I really felt lucky that of all times when I couldn’t run, he didn’t challenge me, harm me, demand my phone, or worse.

So that’s that for now!

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