Pink Eve

So let’s just say that last year, while I was finally driven enough to start the blog with a strong push from a friend, October was kind of a hard month for me. I was just starting to recover after my hospital stay, starting a new regimen of chemo drugs and dealing with the new side effects, and everywhere I looked there was pink pink pink. Then at the end of the month I ranted about how to actually support the pink shopping and donation movement, and raved a bit about my support system. I was as bald as a baby’s behind. I could barely walk my daughter into school without being out of breath at the beginning of the month, but tried to do a walk as part of a team of both co-workers and friends by the end of the month.

This year, I am obviously in a better place. That said, I’m not sure how the pink at every turn will affect me. Last year was difficult. It was like there was no escape. With my anxiety still riding high post follow up mammogram, I’m hoping that I am able to see through less rose colored glasses this year. To continue to redefine myself outside of cancer and post cancer. I could go on about how things are different this year, and maybe I will (mostly because hair. curly short q-tip head hair. help! but yay for hair) because things are mostly pretty great here for me.

Guess what though.

There is still no cure for Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.

I hope you take the time to think about where and how you decide to “think pink” and support breast cancer related causes.

Look for more information at

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