Have You Seen Us Lately?

With the start of kindergarten and all the extra activities, don’t feel bad if you have not seen us lately. Not many people have! In addition to the new routine for That Little Girl, I have been released to increase my hours. And That Family squeezed in a road trip to visit with friends and multiple doctor appointments. Not to mention the endless preparation of buying cleats, dance shoes, school clothes, and that fun shiny stuff for the new school year. All very exciting, but we are pretty much exhausted right now!

To say we have been in our own little world is likely an understatement. We barely see each other some days! There is a real scheduling and coordination tactical plan to get through each day. In addition to working, we have to get That Little Girl different places after work. And it really isn’t fair to drag That Little Girl around. And there is the running to drop the girls off and pick them up. Goodness gracious, when a doctor appointment ran (super) late it caused a domino effect to our already crazy day that left me unable to get where I had committed to going. My reward was super rare That Baby only time! And she gave me seven big steps!

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